Dr Who Review: Asylum of the Daleks

Asylum of the Daleks

Dr Who Review: Asylum of the Daleks

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Daleks kidnap the Doctor, Amy and Rory, forcing the Doctor to help them by entering the dreaded Dalek asylum. But can the Doctor also save Amy and Rory’s rocky marriage?

Best Moment:So many to choose from! Show ▼

Or the the Dalek parliament. Or Amy and Rory’s stellar, emotional reconciliation scene?

Verdict: What a fantastic way to begin the new series! Show ▼

Oswin was such an interesting character. She’s smart and witty. She can clearly match wits against Matt Smith’s Doctor, Show ▼

Steven Moffat tackles a more Dalek-central episode than we’re used to seeing. Some may be disappointed we didn’t get more of the older Daleks, which was a shame, but was still fun to play “spot the classic Who Dalek.” Shame there were still a few Skittles Daleks in the mix.

We also got to learn a little bit more about Dalek society. For one thing, their love/hate relationship with the Doctor which makes them seemingly unable to kill him. For another, they have a hive-mind…. which means Show ▼

Another plot point this episode was Amy and Rory having serious marital troubles, leaving it up to the Doctor to fix. Nice bit of acting from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. It was interesting to see the consequences of Demon’s Run, even though I must admit I couldn’t help but feel “well, why can’t you just adopt, rather than give up the love of your life?” But Amy can sometimes be a bit dim, and thankfully Rory doesn’t care if he can’t have biological children, so all is fixed. Or is it? Since there is just a few more episodes to go before the Ponds leave the Who universe forever.

Overall, this was an enjoyable way to kick off the new series, and kudos to everyone at the BBC for, well, you know what.