Dr Who Review: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

doctor who dinosaurs on a spaceship

Dr Who Review: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Doctor, along with his “gang” arrive on a spaceship to .find… you guessed it, dinosaurs.

Best Moment: There were several nice character moments throughout the episode. Rory, with his father, had some nice comedic scenes. Amy had some great moments showing her smarts, not to mention the really nice conversation between her and the Doctor regarding his increasingly long absences. But let’s face it, the stars of this episode was surely the dinosaurs. Kudos to the BBC for creating realistic looking dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love seeing a triceratops playing fetch!

Verdict: Overall, this was a fun episode, even if it did seem geared to the younger viewers. But that’s okay, that’s what Doctor Who is supposed to be about anyway. However, because of that, certain aspects of the episode didn’t sit well with me. For instance, the neat ending that required two people who share the same genes, which they happen to have by way of Rory’s dad. Also, the two robots really weren’t doing it for me. The comedy duo was just a bit much. Plus I kept finding myself wondering why the Doctor doesn’t just use his sonic screwdriver on them.

Overall however, this was still a fun, fast-paced episode. Loved seeing guest actors Mark Williams and David Bradley together, otherwise known as Filch and Mr. Weasley to Potter fans. Although neither Nefertiti nor Riddell gets enough time to develop as characters, they are enjoyable to watch on screen, especially their flirtation, even if it did seem to annoy Amy. The brief return of the Silureans was also welcome. Would love to have seen more of the other creatures on this Silurean ark.

A few stray observations: Did the Doctor act out of character at the end there? I don’t think so. He has certainly done some pretty devastating things in the past.

Rory is now 31 years old, which means some ten years have gone by, since Amy first began travelling with the Doctor on the TARDIS. The continual passage of time seems to be a recurring theme this season.