Ten of the Coolest Weapons in SciFi

noisy cricket MIB

10. Noisy Cricket
When fired, the noisy cricket produces an orb of energy that can blast through several feet of concrete with kick-back that could send you flying across the room. It may not look like much, but this tiny little weapon from Men in Black certainly packs some punch. Just ask Agent J.

PulseRifle Aliens

9. M41-A Pulse Rifle
You knew I had to include something from Aliens, right? What can I say, it’s a badass, iconic weapon. The pulse rifle uses 10mm armour piercing rounds, and even has an underslung 30mm grenade launcher. Just what you need for a bug hunt.

phaser Star Trek

8. Phaser
The phaser or Photon Maser has been the weapon of choice for Starfleet for generations. Because it has multiple settings it is one of the most versatile weapons on this list. You can set your phaser for stun. Set it to a higher setting to kill your opponent. You can even use it to do things like cut through rock or vaporize objects.

Lightsaber Luke Skywalker

7. Lightsaber
It’s a sword, made of a beam of energy. What’s not to like. The lightsaber is an iconic piece of weaponry and instantly recognizable. It’s elegant. You can deflect blaster fire. You look badass wielding it. Oh yes, and you have to have the Force to effectively use it.


6. Lawgiver
We got to see a lot of what the lawgiver could do in the latest Dredd movie. The gun has both semi- and fully-automatic settings. It fires a range of different rounds such as armour piercing, incendiary and high explosive rounds. The lawgiver has automatic and manual targeting systems and can be voice-operated. But perhaps it’s most useful feature, and one I’d love to see incorporated today, is the security feature allowing only the designated Judge to use that weapon. If a bad guy takes your gun, he will be summarily incapacitated.

zf-1 Fifth Element

5. ZF-1
Another versatile weapon is the ZF-1 from The Fifth Element. Not only is this smartgun gorgeous to look at, it also does a ton of cool things. Want an arrow launcher with exploding or poisonous heads? This can do it. It can even fire off a cloud of liquid nitrogen. However, one of the coolest features is the tracer round. Once fired at the target, all further shots fired will continue to always hit the original target. And then of course there’s that little red button.

t-1000 Jenette Goldstein

4. T-1000
Without a doubt, the T-800 was a pretty impressive weapon. A metal endoskeleton surrounded by living tissue to create a machine which can infiltrate the human resistance, and will not stop, ever, until its mission is done with. Let’s face it, the terminator is a weapon unto itself. But the T-1000 is even more impressive. The mimetic poly-alloy allows it to mimic people and objects of a similar mass. It can even shape itself into a weapon. Crude, but effective.


3. Gort’s Firing Beam
Gort himself was less a weapon and more law enforcement. But believe me, you don’t want him to use force. The firing beam he uses can disintegrate any weapon put before him. And, we’re warned by Klaatu, that Gort has more than enough power to destroy the Earth.

Death Star

2. Death Star
The original weapon of mass destruction in scifi, this weapon weighs in at, oh about the size of a small moon, and can produce a super-laser that can destroy an entire planet. The Death Star is also equipped with turbolaser turrets to fend off attacks. There’s no question about it, the death star provides serious firepower and the rebel alliance was right to fear it. Shame no one thought to put a cover over the exhaust port.

Reality Bomb

1. Reality Bomb
Despite requiring a grand total of 26 planets, a moon, and the Dalek flagship to power it up, the reality bomb is the ultimate weapon of destruction. It produces an energy that cancels out the electrical fields holding atomic particles together, thereby destroying the universe completely. What’s more, place it in a space-time rift and you have a superweapon that will destroy every parallel universe out there, save those on-board the flagship. One might argue that the reality bomb was overkill even for the Daleks, but then, they were dealing with the Doctor.