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These days Web Monkey Rob and I have to tear ourselves away from the computer to plan the work we do for IGP. What are we so busy with? An Aliens board game, on computer.

Yes, I realize that sentence doesn’t seem to make much sense. In 1989 Leading Edge games released a board game based on one of my all-time favourite scifi flicks, Aliens. The game’s now out of print these days so it’ll cost you. Until, that is, Jason Dreger aka Homedrone went ahead and made an online version of this game using Flash, and I have to say that we at the IGP offices are hooked on it.

I never got hold of the original Aliens board game, but from what a lot of people say, this game plays a lot like the board game. There are three different levels/missions to the game. One is “the reactor” where you have the Colonial Marines fighting off aliens trying to get to safety, and just like in the movie, they had to give up most of their firepower because of their proximity to the reactor. The second level is “Operations” and sees Ripley, Newt, Burk and a handful of remaining marines trying to fend off another alien attack. Of course, just like in the movie, Burk escapes, sealing off Ripley and the marines’ escape route, leaving it up to Newt to guide them. The final level is the “Rescue Newt” sequence from the movie with Ripley going in search of Newt and fighting the alien queen.

As you can see, this game follows the movie, closely. But as much as I probably would’ve liked the board game, I really like the online version. You have music from the movie playing throughout, plus some great movie lines pop up occasionally such as Vasquez saying “Lets rock!” Also, I love the detail to this game. If you zoom in, you can even see the graffiti on their body armour. Very cool!

I won’t kid you, the game play is pretty hard. Although, from what I understand, so was the original game. The aliens kick some marine ass.

But then, of all the marines, only Hicks makes it out at the end of the movie, so that’s not exactly a surprise. This game is fun! And even better? It’s absolutely free. Honestly, this game is a must for anybody calling themselves an Aliens fan.

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