Doctor Who RC Dalek Toy


Doctor Who RC Dalek Toy

Rating: ★★★★½ 

There’s been a flurry of remote controlled Dalek’s on the market since the latest Dr Who series came out. You’ve got your Dalek Thay, Invasion Earth Daleks, Cult of Skaro. Never mind the voice activated ones. We were quite spoiled for choice.
We decided to forgo the voice activated Dalek, figuring we had had enough trouble with a certain voice activated astromech droid. We didn’t need a Dalek on the loose as well, so we went with the remote control Dalek toy. How much trouble could that be?

Well, you’d be surprised what a fright you can get while walking through a darkened room only to a find a foot tall Dalek screeching “You are an enemy of the Daleks. You will be exterminated!” while getting ready to blast you. Yep, this little Dalek toy was a LOT of fun and really didn’t disappoint.

The sculpting seems really good in terms of the Dalek “look” and the scale. It’s definitely well put together, although I could see with certain Dalek appendages that stick out, such as the “plunger”, breakages could occur if “improperly handled.” As you can see, we ended up with the gold Dalek. Strangely, at the site where we picked up ours, you were randomly given either a black or gold Dalek toy.

I have to say, we at IGP were more than happy with our gold Dalek. The paint job looks fantastic, with silver appendages, rivets and eye stalks, along with a black grill on the dome and black plunger to complement the gold. The remote control matches the Dalek, and has a very Dalek-y look to it. Although, why you need a screwdriver to put your 9 volt battery in the remote, I’ll never understand. As for the packaging, we had more than a few twisty ties to deal with, but otherwise it was a great, sturdy, full-colour box, with lots of pictures from the show.

There’s some limited but still nice articulation with the eye stalk, the head dome and also some movement with the plunger and gun/egg beater. Interestingly, the Dalek has a “try me” position between on and off so even though it can’t be remotely controlled, you can still listen to the phrases, which I thought was different.

But of course the real fun begins when you have the remote control. With the remote, you can control your Dalek’s movements as well as getting it to spout Dalek phrases. It takes very little time to figure out how to control your Dalek toy and (aside from mastering stairs) it was able to get around pretty good.

What can I say? This Dalek is a must for any Whovian. My only words of advice would be to a) shop around, because prices varied from a mere $39.99 all the way up to $69.99 and b) never leave your spouse alone with a Dalek remote control!