Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 25th January 2013


Last Friday Fringe ended. What’d you guys think of it? Don’t forget to check out Stephanie Caldwell’s recap of the Fringe finale.

Aloha guys. Hope your week went well. Here’s the science fiction news you may have missed this past week.

Entertainment Weekly released the first official image from Kick-Ass 2. To see that image, just cast your eyes skyward a moment.

Marvel exec Kevin Feige reveals more details for Iron Man 3. Much of the movie, it appears, will have Tony in a similar situation as the beginning of the first movie, in which he is stuck in the middle of the country with scraps of the iron man suit and forced to use his ingenuity to survive. We also learn that the Mandarin story in this movie will be more of an amalgamation of Manadarin tales from the comics. Check out SFX for the full article.

Finally, the Game of Thrones folks released another behind the scenes video from the production’s third season. Don’t forget, the new season premieres 31st March 2013 on HBO.