Pulling Up Stakes- Half a Review

Pulling Up Stakes by Peter David

Pulling Up Stakes Peter David

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t planned on reviewing this book yet, since I’ve technically only read half of it (Pulling Up Stakes is one story broken into two short ebooks). But as some of you may have heard, author Peter David suffered a stroke recently, and frankly even with health insurance the David family can use all the help they can get financially during what is likely to be a lengthy rehabilitation period. So here it is. I’m in the middle of another book right now, but you can expect the second half of this review around the end of the month.

Pulling Up Stakes follows Vince Hammond. Vince comes from a long line of vampire hunters. His father was one. His mother is one. You get the picture. The thing is, Vince is now a vampire. Yep, he got bit, and as it turns out, vampires aren’t the evil beings that his fellow vampire hunters had made out. In fact, most of them don’t kill people any more. Why bother when you have so many groupies? Unfortunately, he hasn’t broken the news to his mother yet. Mostly because she’s liable to turn around and stake him. As if Vince’s problems with his mother weren’t enough, a new clan of vampire hunters breeze into town, one of whom happens to be his future bride, that he knows nothing about.

If you’re tired of vampire stories and think they’ve all been done before then you’ll want to read Pulling Up Stakes. With his usual wit, the author manages to take a tired genre and give it a new little twist. David easily pokes fun of the current vampire craze, Twilight to True Blood to Buffy, nothing escapes the author’s rapier sharp wit.

The story is an easy read, fast paced with plenty of humour. The characters are well fleshed out, particularly Vince, who’s yes, our hero, but he definitely has his less than heroic moments. What can I say, if anyone knows how to write an anti-hero, it’s Peter David. Apparently the publishing world weren’t too interested in this story because if you wrote a vampire story the protagonist had to be female. Well as a female reader, I can honestly say I liked it a lot better than Twilight or any of those books. And, as it happens, there are some fabulously strong, witty female characters in here that I can’t wait to see more of in book two.

If you’ve ever read Howling Mad, Pulling Up Stakes is very similar in tone. It’s a short read, just eight chapters, but, hey, it’s only $0.99. If you want to help support the David family, or simply want a good book to read, I heartily recommend this book.

I do also want to add that I read this just recently, during a really tough period in my life and it made me laugh, which is exactly what I needed. So thank you Mr. David. I just wish you could make it to ECCC this March so I could thank you in person.