9 Geeky Moments from Community

Troy Ripley Powerloader

9 Geeky Community Moments

We’re enormous fans of Community here at IGP and I only wish I had decided to devote some coverage to this excellent comedy sooner. Well, all that changes this week as our very own Stephanie Caldwell will be reviewing the series’ fourth season which begins tomorrow. To celebrate, here’s our favourite geeky moments from the past three years.

Abed’s Batman Costume
I was always love Halloween episodes, I just can’t help myself, and Introduction to Statistics certainly delivers. Abed’s Batman costume was classic, but it wasn’t just the costume, it was the whole Christian Bale-Batman persona he takes on. From rescuing Jeff and Pierce from the collapsing fort, to his speech at the end. Tell me that’s not something you wouldn’t hear Nolan’s Batman say. Thankfully, we got to see Abed return as the Batman in Foosball and Noctural Vigilantism resulting in a hilarious scene in which he rappels out the window in full costume.

Modern Warfare was probably the first episode where viewers realised Community was not your typical show. The Die Hard references with Jeff in his vest, barefoot, yelling out “Dean!” is hilarious. Then of course there is the homage paid to John Woo movies with Chang infiltrating the paintball game. This episode was clearly a game-changer, so it’s no surprise that the paintball theme came up again with a two parter in season two, A Fistful of Paintballs/For a Few Paintballs More. A Fistful of Paintballs was your classic spaghetti western. Even the title credits had a western theme. It also featured guest star Josh Holloway as the mysterious Black Rider who makes Annie’s heart beat a little faster and Jeff grow even more insecure about his looks. For a Few Paintballs More could have continued the western theme, but instead of repeating themselves, the writers take a Star Wars rebellion route, when it’s discovered that the organizer of the paintball match is actually a rival community college.

I’ll admit, I’m tired of the whole zombie thing, but even I enjoyed Epidemiology. It was the classic outbreak story, with slow-moving zombies, a government cover up, and survivors trying to hide the fact they’ve been bitten. Oh, and probably the coolest costume ever: Troy as Ripley in the powerloader and Abed as the alien queen. I loved that Troy goes back to the powerloader costume to try and save the day, but it’s made of cardboard, so of course it’s not going to work. Oh yes, and George Takei did the voice over for this episode!

Space Camp
As a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut. I couldn’t think of anything more cool than flying a space shuttle. Well, the flight sim they got in Basic Rocket Science wasn’t quite a space shuttle, but it certainly provided some exciting adventures. As the group, minus Abed who goes off to get his astronaut’s costume, is forced to get the KFC sponsored flight simulator ready for take off, they find themselves locked inside, and on the move, in a race against time, thus inspiring plenty of Apollo 13 and Armageddon moments.

Chang Drow Community

Whether you have a regular D&D night, or are just passingly familiar with the game, it’s hard not to enjoy its depiction on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. From the beginning of the episode, I loved the Lord of the Rings style opening and of course the D&D inspired credits. Then you have such moments as Chang, dressed in black face, ahem, dressed as a Drow only to be killed off a few minutes into the game. You have Pierce fully embracing his dark side, while we get to see Fat Neil, a fairly minor character, become central to the story. I’m sure some people might have quibbles about how the game is portrayed, but you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool to have a prime time show devote an entire episode to D&D.

LeVar Burton as LeVar Burton
How would you react if you met one of your all time favourite actors? That’s a question Troy didn’t need to answer. He already knew he would be too stunned to say anything, which is why while he always wanted an autograph from LeVar Burton but never wanted to actually meet the guy. That is until Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking when Pierce “gifts” him with a meeting with his hero. His reaction is classic. LeVar patiently tries to talk to Troy, but Troy can’t respond. He’s meeting his hero but he can’t find the words. As fans, we’ve all been there. We meet people we admire and we want to be witty, but mostly we hope we don’t look stupid. I wonder how many fans really do react that way to LeVar Burton?

Sideways ‘verse
Science fiction has often explored the idea of multiple timelines, so it makes sense that we get to see just that in Remedial Chaos Theory. During a house warming party for Troy and Abed, a simple roll of the dice, shows us what happens when a different character goes out to get food. We see many unexplored character moments. For instance, we got an idea of what would really happen if Jeff and Annie hooked up. But then of course there is the darkest timeline. A tragic timeline resulting in lost limbs, characters going crazy and other characters dying. Oh yes, and some very evil felt beards.

One of my problems with ST: TNG was the holodeck. It was so cool (despite always malfunctioning) who would possibly want to do anything else but have adventures in the holodeck? So of course when Troy and Abed turned one of the bedrooms into a dreamatorium I couldn’t help being envious, even if it was only made with cardboard and tape. As a plot device, the Dreamatorium allows the audience to see a little deeper into Abed’s complex brain, but alas, like the holodeck, the dreamatorium can sometimes malfunction as well.

Inspector Spacetime
This parody of cult series Doctor Who, has now gained its own cult following, resulting in an unofficial web series. Britta first introduces Abed to the show in Biology 101, and he quickly becomes a fan, with he and Troy dressing up as the inspector and his companion, and, from what I’m hearing, season four will even include an Inspector Spacetime convention!