Community Review: Conventions of Space and Time

Community Conventions in Space and Time

Community Review: Conventions of Space and Time

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The one where the gang go to an Inspector Spacetime convention.

Best Moment: I really enjoyed the scenes between Jeff and Annie and her whole weird crush/fantasy life of being married to Jeff, there were some nice comedic moments to it. I also really liked that Shirley felt it her duty to her friends to explain to the men in suits just why people watch Inspector Spacetime, even though she has no interest in it at all. And I admit, I had a good chuckle seeing 90210’s Jennie Garth and Luke Perry in a U.S. version. Seriously, you just know if there was a U.S. Version of Doctor Who, it would look like that.

Verdict: I think I may be out of step with other reviewers here because I actually enjoyed the episode. Could they have done more with the convention storyline? Sure. It was weird that Abed was the only character really dressed as the Inspector. You know at a real con, there would be at least ten in the background.

The whole Britta/Troy relationship is still kinda strange. I’m re-watching the entire series right now, and there was obviously plenty of hints of attraction, but it’s still hard to get a feel for their relationship and what makes them tick.

The Annie/Jeff stuff was weird in another way. I found myself a little confused at the beginning about whether they were an actual couple. This seems to be something the writers are pushing which is a shame. I liked it better when they weren’t all hooking up, at least, not in the “forever and ever, let’s base our whole show around this concept” way. I liked that Jeff and Britta hooked up but it was never really in the foreground except for maybe the paintball episode. Let’s face it, the only true “forever” couple in Community should be Troy and Abed. Speaking of, there was never really any doubt that Troy and Abed would be back together by the end of the episode. I suspect in a Dan Harmon alternate universe, that whole storyline would’ve been much more subtle.

But honestly, it was still pretty enjoyable to me. Not up to last week’s episode, and certainly not as good as earlier seasons, but I still laughed pretty hard, like when Jeff/Nigel/Thoraxis wanted to “practice” his American accent on hot fan (stunt casting alert!) Tricia Helfer, only to have Annie show up and ruin things for him. And the comment about adultery and it being the reason hotels existed was classic. I know I was pretty sceptical after Dan Harmon was fired, but I’m willing to keep watching. For now.