Community Review: Paranormal Parentage

Community Paranormal Parentage

Community Review: Paranormal Parentage

Rating: ★★★★½ 

While the group are getting ready for a Halloween party thrown by Vicky (remember invisible Vicky?) Pierce, who isn’t invited to Vicky’s party, calls for help after getting locked in the panic room of his mansion.

Best Moment: As a Breaking Bad fan, I loved the return of Gilbert AKA Giancarlo Esposito. Annie rocked her Ring costume, even if it wasn’t quite what Jeff had in mind. Shirley’s reaction to Pierce’s creepy “indoor swing” was also pretty classic.

Verdict: I have to admit, I didn’t much care for last week’s episode. It was decent but it didn’t feel like Community. It seemed like a show trying to imitate Community. It lacked Harmon-y. Paranormal Parentage felt a lot smoother. It didn’t seem to be trying so hard. The episode had some fun creepy moments which all turn out to be part of Pierce’s elaborate plan, which Jeff had guessed all along, because Pierce isn’t that complicated.

I was almost disappointed to not have a Halloween episode where nobody can guess Shirley’s outfit, but Yvette Nicole Brown looked fabulous in her Leia costume, so I can forgive it. There were some nice character beats, with Pierce reconciling with Gilbert (that’s an Odd Couple I’d like to watch) and Jeff admitting that perhaps Britta is right and he does have some unresolved daddy issues.

The jokes, for the most part, worked this episode, and I found myself forgetting abut the big creative shake up. If we can get more episodes like this, I could see myself quite easily enjoying this season. It may not have the innovation that Dan Harmon brought to the show, but it’s still enjoyable and has a lot of heart.

Finally, I’ld like to point out that Pierce’s mansion is plenty creepy without the latex walls and other Halloween paraphernalia.