Community Review: Alternative History of the German Invasion

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Community Review: Alternative History of the German Invasion

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The study group start their new history class but some familiar, foosball lovin’ nemesis are taking the same class. Meanwhile, the Dean is forced to help Chang get his memory back.

Best Moment: I loved that Pierce wanted to be the Hitler of the group instead of Jeff. I really loved the “flashbacks” in which other students try (and fail) to use the study room. Also, Jeff’s comment about getting a new “douche” was pretty funny if you’re at all familiar with Parks & Rec.

Verdict: I have to admit, this is another fairly solid episode. I really enjoyed the gang’s realisation that they were the Nazi’s in this scenario. It reminded me of 30 Rock when Liz goes to her high school reunion and discoveres that she was the bully that everyone hated.

Again, I feel like I’m out of step with certain other reviewers, but I think this episode did pretty well. They have plenty of callbacks to past jokes, the Germans, the Troy and Abed show, Vicky etc, but it didn’t feel like a crutch to me.

Oh, another joke I did really enjoy was the gang’s assumption that the students protesting them was simply part of an elaborate hoax organized by their new teacher (Malcolm McDowell) to teach them a lesson. McDowell’s reaction was just perfect.

Overall, I don’t know how well the new teacher will fit into the Greendale scene. McDowell certainly seems like an odd choice for stunt casting, but I’m curious to see what the writers do with it. And while I am concerned with how the writers will deal with Chang this season, again, I’m willing to wait and see.

So far though, aside from the season première, I’m mostly enjoying this new Harmon-less season.