Community Review: Economics of Marine Biology

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Community Review: Economics of Marine Biology

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Dean Pelton recruits the gang as he attempts to hook a “whale” for Greendale Community College.

Best Moment: I enjoyed the pairing of Shirley and Troy. You don’t get to see that too often, and I loved the whole PEE class that had Shirley excel, while Troy was the last one picked. I also liked Magnitude’s breakdown when he tries to come up with something other than “pop-pop.”

Verdict: Overall, it was another fairly solid episode for Community’s fourth season. The conclusion to the story was predictable but still fairly enjoyable. As it turns out, Archie wants to be treated like a regular guy. Jim Rash was in top form as Dean Pelton, the man who would do just about anything to bag Archie a dumb guy with deep pockets. I’m liking the run of Pelton not being in women’s clothing. It seemed like they were going to lean on that gag pretty hard this year, glad they thought otherwise.

I also thought it pretty funny they needed Pierce out of the way because he would get jealous, and the idea that Archie was like a young Pierce. The scenes with Jeff and Pierce were actually pretty nice, and serve to remind the audience (and Jeff) that Pierce is more than just a caricature.

As I said, I enjoyed seeing Shirley and Troy have a storyline together which actually worked pretty well for the characters. The gag at the end with Britta and Troy was also pretty funny, but I’m still weirded out seeing them as a couple. It just seemed to happen quite suddenly. I’m glad that it’s acknowledged but not made a big deal about on the show.

Honestly, the only storyline I didn’t much care for this episode was Abed’s fraternity c-plot. It came out of nowhere, and didn’t really go anywhere either. Also, it bugs me because Greendale already has a fraternity. We know that because Troy and Abed try out for it. Geesh, Dan Harmon would’ve remembered that. But in all seriousness, I thought Economics of Marine Biology was still a pretty fun episode.