Dear Studio Executives: A Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars

Dear Studio Executives,

Yep, me again. IGPNicki, that pain in the butt. No doubt, over the past week, you’ve been watching this whole Veronica Mars move thing unfold with great interest. You probably never thought of using Kickstarter before. Having an audience totally pay for a movie years before the film is actually released, at which point they’ll pay for it all over again. Sounds great, right?

Let me say first I am hugely excited about a Veronica Mars movie, and Rob Thomas was able to prove you wrong about the series. However, let me also say this. We geeks are a smart bunch. That’s part of why there will be a Veronica Mars movie. We recognize good products on Kickstarter, whether it’s a cancelled TV series looking for a second chance, or an independent boardgame publisher.

The thing is we also recognize horse shit. So while we will probably welcome with open arms attempts at a Pushing Daisies movie or a Joss Whedon directed Firefly sock puppet show, please don’t think about exploiting this. Don’t assume that every time you dangle the promise of, say, a Wonder Woman movie, fans will start pouring money into your project. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but if you try that, we’ll catch on quick.

You see, the thing with the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign was that it wasn’t just a bunch of fans wanting to see more of their favourite show. It was the care and love not just from the show creator, but the actors too. These people want to be involved. In fact they cared so much, they went through 40 drafts trying to find the right balance of Kickstarter rewards that would draw people in while actually collecting money to make the movie.

I understand it’s in your nature to exploit people. That’s what Hollywood does. All I’m saying is that geeks are discerning and while we’re sometimes happy to be exploited (really, who needs TARDIS Christmas lights?) we recognize when you’re trying to shift more of the financial burden onto us, and chances are, it ain’t gonna work. Just saying.