Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 29th March 2013

Easter bunny face hugger

Hello, the sun is shining, Spring is almost here. And so is Easter if the above picture is anything to go by. Not too much to talk about this week. I took a small step closer to finishing my “mystery project.” And we got to try out a new game called Deadwood Studios at our boardgame meetup. But otherwise, it’s been a pretty quiet week at the IGP offices. However, we are so very excited to have both Doctor Who AND Game of Thrones coming back to our screens this weekend!

Speaking of Doctor Who, earlier, Peter Jackson expressed an interest in directing an episode of the series. According to SFX he has since said that he will do it for free, hinting that he would rather like one of the gold-dalek’s to add to his collection.

With series 7b of Doctor Who almost here, I discussed some of things we can expect to see over the next few weeks.

The latest trailer for World War Z came out this week.

Finally, Netflix continues to expand its empire, this time by giving the greenlight to a new 10 episode series created by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowski’s The series, called Sense8 is described as being “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted,” according to Deadline. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of Straczynski’s since Babylon 5, and with the directors of the Matrix on board, this is sure to be an interesting show.