Community Review: Herstory of Dance

Community Herstory of Dance

Community Review: Herstory of Dance

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When Dean Pelton decides to throw a Sadie Hawkin’s dance, Britta thinks its sexist and decides to hold her own Sophie B. Hawkins dance. Meanwhile, Annie and Shirley both want to set Abed up with a date for the dance.

Best Moment: I laughed pretty hard at Jeff’s line “Oh its me”. Such a simple line but McHale really sold it. I gotta admit also, even though I don’t want every episode to be about Abed, I did enjoy Danny Pudi’s scenes with Brie Larson.

Verdict: I thought this was another solid addition to the fourth season of Community. I was a bit worried from the promo images. Uh oh, Dean’s in a dress again and it’s about a dance, so lemme guess, more dresses, but they actually didn’t go that way, and I’m glad. The dean has so many other facets to explore.

It took me a while to believe that Britta could honestly mix up Susan B. Anthony and Sophie B. Hawkins. She’s really into women’s rights, shouldn’t she know this stuff? But really, haven’t we all pulled a Britta like that before? What was most impressive was that she stuck to her guns and didn’t admit her mistake, thus allowing for the reveal when Sophie B. Hawkins actually turns up at the school, courtesy of Pierce. None of that was particularly surprising, but it was still enjoyable, and it gave a different facet to Pierce’s personality. Actually, the most unbelievable thing in that scene is that Sophie B. Hawkins would use up her only two hit songs first.

The episode overall highlighted just how fantastic the chemistry is between Jeff and Britta. Possibly highlighting the lack of, where it comes to Troy. If they’re going to make the Troy/Britta relationship believable, we actually need to see more scenes with these two hanging out. This isn’t to say I think Jeff and Britta should get together. Nope. They actually have a better brother/sister relationship.

Speaking of relationships, we have Abed’s escapade with the whole two-dates scenario which turns into “the girl he really likes has been right under his nose all along” scenario. I loved the take on the manic pixie dream girl, that was perfectly terrifying. And of course Shirley’s choice seemed equally unsuitable for Abed. He needs someone like, well, Rachel the coat check girl. I kinda like the idea that even someone like Abed can find his own pop-culture geek girl. Again, there wasn’t really any surprises here. The writers basically telegraphed it with Abed talking about the embarrassing declaration of love, but it was still enjoyable. Can’t wait for next week’s episode of Community which involves puppets!