Community Review: Intro to Knots

Community Intro to Knots

Community Review: Intro to Knots

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The gang decide to throw a grown up Christmas party at Jeff’s place, but Annie, in a bid to get the gang a better grade, invites their history teacher.

Best Moment: The professor attempts to pit the gang against each other. I also liked that they weren’t really failing. It was just Annie’s idea of failing.

Verdict: Honestly, this was another meh episode of Community, although I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Maybe if I had ever seen the Hitchcock movie Rope, I might have enjoyed it more.

As it is, it didn’t work. The characters seemed more sitcom-y in this episode. This may be because of the tracking shots, I’m not sure. The whole joke with everyone bringing in Christmas presents, Annie wanting to play house with Jeff, none of it seemed real to me.

Things don’t really heat up until the second act after Kevin/Chang ties Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell) up and Cornwallis pits the gang against each other to get someone untie him. I gotta admit, I wasn’t sure who was going to break, or if someone would break. Yes, the study group are now like a family, but even without Pierce (whose absence is explained in a throwaway line) they’ve had plenty of moments of screwing each other over during the past four years of Community.

But things come crashing back down in the third act. It turns out the professor wasn’t tied up at all, because Kevin/Chang doesn’t know how to tie knots. The professor pretended to be tied up because he was lonely at Christmas. This felt like a huge let down to me. Add to that a scene in which Chang phones someone and says his plan to get the study group kicked out of school failed. I’m not quite sure what to make of that. As a reveal, it would’ve been great, but we the audience have known for some time that he was faking. Then I wonder, who was Chang talking to? Someone at City College? Why would City College care about the study group? And did it fail because Chang can’t tie knots? I get that Kevin might know how to tie knots, but Chang?

Sadly, this is capped off by a totally bizarre tag set in the darkest timeline in which Annie is released from Greendale Insane Asylum. I can’t even begin to describe how much it did not fit in with the episode. And after hearing from others about NBC’s Hannibal push, my only guess is that this was just a blatant ploy to advertise that show since Annie is seen wearing one of those Hannibal Lecter face masks.

Sigh, two episode left of Community. I had, for the most part, enjoyed this season, but these last two really didn’t work for me. I’m hoping for better. A lot better.