Doctor Who Review: Hide


Doctor Who Review: Hide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Clara and the Doctor arrive at a Gothic mansion in time for a good old fashioned haunting. Or is it?

Best Moment: I loved the scene between Clara and the TARDIS in corporeal form. Also loved all the little head nods in this episode.

Verdict: I really enjoyed this episode. Hide is an odd story. It’s a ghost story, but not. When Hide is a ghost story, the episode pays homage to all my favourites, including The Haunting and even Poltergeist.

But then something happens in the story. We realise the ghost isn’t actually a ghost at all but an early time traveller stuck in a pocket universe. I liked that twist quite a bit. This changes the entire story, and it gives them something to do: rescue the time traveller. Of course, things go horribly awry, leaving the Doctor trapped in the pocket universe and Clara must save him. She just needs to get past the TARDIS.

I’ve loved the whole idea that Clara thinks the TARDIS doesn’t like her. But after the catty exchange in this episode, it’s become clear it is not just her imagination. The TARDIS actually doesn’t like her. I suspect the TARDIS knows something about Clara even the Doctor doesn’t yet realise.

I said that Hide isn’t actually a ghost story at all, and that’s true. In fact, it’s more of a love story. Dougray Scott and Jessica Raine play investigators and budding lovers. Despite one characters empathic abilities, they have trouble getting past the early awkward glances, and it becomes up to the the Doctor and Clara to make them realise their true feelings. It was a sweet story. I even liked the twist that the time traveller was in fact related to the young lovers, thus explaining the strong psychic connection.

I suppose the only real downfall of the episode, and the reason why I won’t grade it higher, is the final twist, which was perhaps one too many. You see, there are two love stories here. The one between the ghost hunters, and the other being the crooked man, who is stuck in the pocket universe trying to get back to his love. It was a nice idea, and I quite liked it, but it came so suddenly at the end that it just didn’t fit into the episode well enough.

Still, as I said, there was plenty to enjoy. I really loved the scene between Clara and the Doctor when she realises how the Doctor must see mankind, given that he is able to zip around from the birth of planet Earth to its destruction. Both Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith brought such a lot of emotion to that scene. They both come away seeming rather shaken by the exchange.

Of course we learn that the real reason the Doctor brought Clara to the haunted house was so that Emma Grayling (Jessican Raine) might use her empathic abilities to tell him what Clara is. And thus the mystery of Clara continues. I doubt we’ll get any answers, but next week’s episode of Doctor Who promises to reveal why the TARDIS has such a beef with her.