Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 19th April 2013

Doctr Who The Name of the Doctor

A quiet week here since WebMonkey Rob has been out of town, but plenty to keep me busy. The big one being that I got to chat on the phone with Babylon 5 star Bill Mumy last Monday. We talked for a long time, most of which you can check out in my interview with him. Like Claudia Christian, he was very gracious with his time. I tried to keep it shorter than my interview with Claudia, but he was happy to talk B5, Lost in Space, and comics. It’s so good to speak to an actor that actually takes joy in the genre. Other than that, not too much else going on here. I did get my first section of the Shatterer of Worlds audiobook up. Eh, it’s a work in progress. But if you’re interested, check out the Shatterer site for the audio.

On the news front, well, the supposed teaser trailer for Hunger Games: Catching Fire came out, and I am LOVING it. I can’t believe how much they showed in the trailer, all of which occurs early on in the book. I am so looking forward to this movie!

Speaking of trailers, new trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel have come out. It’s no surprise to anyone that I don’t give a fig about the Star Trek trailer. I admit, some of it looks good. But some of it looks like cliche-ridden, action movie drivel. As for Man of Steel… I want to like it. I loved The Dark Knight, but this doesn’t feel like Superman. Moreover, it feels too serious, too somber.

Big Star Wars news came out earlier this week in that Star Wars Episode VII will be released in 2015, and we can expect a new Star Wars movie every summer from that point on. Hmm. Even if the new movies are really well-made, is that much Star Wars a good thing or a bad thing?

Amazon released the trailer for their potential Zombieland series. I don’t know, it does a good job mimicking the movie, but it does feel like something is missing. See for yourself!

Lots of news on the Doctor Who front. David Tennant, John Hurt and Matt Smith were all spotted filming scenes for the 50th Anniversary episode. Check out SFX for pics. Meanwhile, the title of the series seven finale has been revealed: The Name of the Doctor. The poster has also been revealed, which you can see above.