Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 26th April 2013

Thor The Dark World

It’s been a pretty quiet week here at the offices of IGP. The weather has been luring us outside most of the week, so we haven’t been up to too many geeky things. I have however been keeping up with Game of Thrones, and was absolutely floored by last week’s episode. It was probably one of the best episodes ever. I really wish I could have reviewed Game of Thrones, but doing reviewing duties on Doctor Who and Community, I knew I couldn’t handle reviewing yet another TV show.

This week on IGP I came up with a list of my favourite SciFi Guest Roles. The characters of Sally Sparrow (Doctor Who) and Saffron (Firefly) inspired me to write this article. I wonder if we’ll ever get a Firefly comic with Saffron making an appearance?

The hot new trailer that came out this week was Thor: The Dark World. I didn’t much care for the first Thor movie, I admit, but this one could be fun.

Another trailer to check out is the latest one for Joss Whedon’s Shakespeare retake on Much Ado About Nothing. I admit, I still have reservations about including it here, but given that it is Joss, and it does star a ton of scifi favourites, I have to at least give it a mention. Plus, don’t forget, all you scifi fans, that SIFF will be hosting a local red carpet premiere of Much Ado on May 16th with Joss and a bunch of the cast. I’m told standby tickets will be available.

Lastly, we have Guardians of the Galaxy casting news. According to Coming Soon Wanderfalls and Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace has been cast as a as yet unnamed villain.

That’s it for scifi news. If you’re in Seattle, don’t forget to visit the EMP Museum for the Fantasy: World’s of Myth and Magic exhibit which opens tomorrow!