Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 5th April 2013

Zygon Doctor Who
Hope you all had a good week. It’s been another fairly quiet one at IGP. Webmonkey Rob was out of town, but now he’s home. We spent the week enjoying the rare blue skies here in Seattle, and settling in to catch up on new episodes of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. Oh, how I have missed both shows! We also broke out a rare, unofficial Aliens card game where I impressed Webmonkey Rob (and myself!) by managing to name each and every marine character from the movie.

This week I got to interview the creator of Steampunk theme card game called Sky Thieves. You can check out the interview here.

I also ventured outside the realms of the Inter-galaxy Portal and did a guest post for the folks over at Beyond Hollywood. I reviewed one of my childhood favourites, Labyrinth.

Tons of Doctor Who news has come out this week. The first big news was that the BBC confirmed Billie Piper and David Tennant returning to the Who universe for the big 50th Anniversary episode. Next, following the return of Doctor Who with the episode The Bells of Saint John, the BBC announced that the book featured in the episode, titled Summer Falls and written by one Ms. Amelia Williams will in fact go on sale as an ebook. In fact, the book was just released yesterday. The final major piece of news on the Doctor Who front is again regarding the highly anticipated 50th Anniversary, and that is that the zygons will be making an appearance!

Next, in news that came as a surprise to absolutely no one, Game of Thrones was officially renewed by HBO for a fourth season.

On a sad note, earlier this week Culture series author Ian M. Banks announced he has terminal cancer. In a note to his fans Banks says he expects to have less than a year to live, making the upcoming The Quarry his final book. You can read the full note over at the Banks’ website.