Community Review: Advanced Introduction to Finality

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Community Review: Advanced Introduction to Finality

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Jeff is getting ready to graduate but the group from the Darkest Timeline appear to ensure he takes the right path.

Best Moment: Evil Jeff’s arrival a la Terminator. I love Terminator anyway so it’s a great shout out. I really love that the Dean totally misses an almost naked Jeff and I really, really love that we later found out he didn’t have to arrive nearly naked.

Verdict: What a weird episode. Taken on its own, I love this episode. I laughed out loud a lot. The episode was just so strange We got to see the Darkest Timeline cross over and wreak havoc on the study group. We got to see weird new tech including time travel which makes no sense for a timeline that split at a pizza party a year ago. And we got to see a slightly new take on the paintball theme with some nice Matrix touches.

It was fun. I like wacky Community. When Community is wacky it is like nothing else on television. The only thing that left me concerned was how they would explain the Darkest Timeline since even Community likes to keep one toe on the ground. So apparently this was all in Jeff’s head because he’s anxious about moving on from Greendale. It doesn’t entirely explain some of the scenes we saw, but I liked the explanation.

As a stand alone episode of Community I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, this is not a stand alone episode. It was the season finale. Nay. Up until two days ago, this was thought to be the series finale. This is where the episode becomes problematic. First of all, the giant mechanical spider promised in last week’s episode? That didn’t show. In fact, nothing relevant happened with that storyline.

As for the emotional beats, had this been the finale, would I be satisfied? I don’t know. I don’t like episodes that get too teary in their finale, so in a sense, I would have enjoyed it. But while it wrapped Jeff’s character, it really left no closure for anyone else, except for Pierce, and even then, not really. So as a series finale (or even a season finale) it left too many plot threads open, but it was still a fun episode.

I don’t know how I feel about Community’s renewal. I liked the shout out to “six seasons and a movie” but do I want that? It’s already nowhere near as good as when Dan Harmon ran the show. I find myself wondering how they will explain Jeff still hanging around. Don’t get wrong, I love Community, but it might be time to move on.