Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 31st May 2013

Optimus Prime

Hello! How was your week? Mine was spent mostly vegging since I was ill this week. Feeling lots better now, but it did mean I had to forgo our usual Friday night boardgaming (didn’t wanna give anyone else an unfair advantage) although Webmonkey Rob and I did break out some co-operative Shadows Over Camelot. I also finished the first Artemis Fowl novel, and I am stunned that I have gone over ten years without reading these books. They’re sooo good! Haven’t done a whole lot of other geeky stuff this week owing to being under the weather. I spent an awful lot of time just breezing through season four of Arrested Development.  Loved it. Want more. Also made some small progress with the Big Blue Box, so that’s something.

Saturday, I noticed, was Geek Pride Day, and that sent me into a somewhat delirious rant, because honestly, I don’t think we have anything to feel proud about. Patting ourselves on the back as geeks just screams of not being willing to let go of the past selves that might have been bullied for being different. In fact, now we’ve started dividing the geek community into geeks and geek posers. Is that something to be proud of? If you want to hear more of my delirious rant, you can read the full article here

Last week Bryan Singer teased SFX readers about what to expect from X-men: Days of Future Past. In the interview he says he “wanted to play with the notion of different times and stuff like the way that time affects destinies. It enables the film to not just be a sequel to First Class or X-Men 3 but to actually be its own thing.” I have to admit, despite having watched First Class, I gave up on the franchise after X-Men 3, but this looks and sounds like it could be good!

Michael Bay revealed images of the new designs for Optimus Prime and the rest of the autobots. Cast your eyes skyward for an image of the new look Optimus Prime.

Two new trailers this week. The first is another trailer for the CW’s adaptation of The Tomorrow People. I gotta admit, it looks a little too CW-ish for me, but who knows, it could be good fun. I guess my big problem is that for 1970s CBBC television, The Tomorrow People was radical. But for modern U.S. audiences? Well, you have Heroes, Marvel’s SHIELD (or whatever the title is now). It’s not really new, y’know?

The second trailer is a brand new trailer for Seth Rogen’s This is the End which looks hilarious.