Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 3rd May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX

Hello, hello. Another week of glorious sunshine, and this geek just wants to be away from her desk. Not that I spent the whole week like that. Last Friday our gaming group at Otherworlds, got to beta-test an upcoming Steampunk card game called Incredible Expeditions. It was a lot of fun, plus I won, so of course I liked it all the more. The team behind it will be launching a Kickstarter over the summer, with plans to release it next Spring. So stay tuned!

In other games news, we also had lunch at Cafe Mox and tried out Mice & Mystics. I’ve been wanting to try it for quite a while. It’s an interesting game. It’s sort of an RPG board game, in that it is a cooperative game played as a campaign. I definitely want to try it out some more. What else? Oh yes, we got a pulse rifle! A working one too. Well, airsoft. I’ll probably do a review soon of it, but in the meantime, bring on the xenomorphs!

Here’s what else has been happening in the world of science fiction & fantasy:

Earlier this week, I decided to do an article on the coolest space battles on film and TV. I have to admit, it surprised me. Most cool space battles I can remember were actually on television, not the big screen. In fact, the only movie on the list was Star Wars and that’s from over 30 years ago. We need more space battles! Hopefully the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation will change that.

The extended trailer for Pacific Rim came out earlier this week. This movie looks insane. Yet, I like Guillermo Del Toro, so, we’ll see…

In Star Trek Into Darkness news, a new IMAX poster came out, which you can see above. Also, according to SFX, you can actually see a glimpse of a Klingon in this new promo.

Speaking of Klingons, the folks at Atomic Arts announced that this year’s production of Trek in the Park, which will be The Trouble with Tribbles, will be their last. Apparently their five year missions is over. I’m saddened. We went to the first production they staged, and I have no doubt we’ll go down to Portland to see their last production. Apparently they’re moving on to new projects which fans are sure to love. We wish you guys well!