Star Trek Alternatives

Star Trek Continues
This week has been rather busy for me. I’ve been practically living in the Big Blue Box, so rather than talk pulse rifles, I decided to touch on a subject that I would otherwise refuse to cover: Star Trek Into Darkness.

Fear not, dear reader. This won’t be my usual rant about how much J.J. Abrams sucks, how his vision of Star Trek is totally sexist and how I’m sick and tired of apologists saying they cast the right guy for the job, in regards to the whitewashing of Khan Noonien Singh. I mean seriously, would you say that if a blonde woman was cast as Uhura?

Okay, as I said, NOT a rant. Instead, this is an alternative. If, like me, you refuse to watch Abrams’ latest drivel, then here are a few alternatives for Star Trek loving folks.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Okay, this one is fairly obvious. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Why is it so good? Because it doesn’t make the entire movie about the villain. Despite all the tension and space combat, it’s a wonderful character piece in which Kirk must face the no-win scenario, and in which he has to accept growing old and losing loved ones. Oh yes, and let’s not forget Ricardo Montalban’s fake chest.

Star Trek Continues. Yeah, so Kirk and co were on a five year mission that really only lasted three years. If you ever wanted to know what happened in those other years, check out Star Trek Continues, which premières its first episode this weekend at Phoenix Comicon. Instead of supporting some crappy Hollywood blockbuster that doesn’t give a rats ass about the material its ripping off, why not support these guys? Vic Mignona stars as James T. Kirk. Joining him is Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock, Chris Doohan as Scotty (as in James Doohan’s son) and Grant Imahara as Sulu. Another reason to watch this? In case you’re worried about how much they’ll screw with Star Trek lore, rest assured that Trek expert Larry Nemecek is playing Bones. Meanwhile, Kim Stinger of New Voyages, tackles the role of Uhura again.

Trek Theatre. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest this summer, why not check out some of the staged Trek productions going on? In Portland, entering its fifth and final year, Trek in the Park is back with a staged outdoor production of The Trouble with Tribbles. Who knows. If you’re there for the final performance, you may even score a tribble! Meanwhile in Seattle, Outdoor Trek is finally back to do a performance of an original series episode. No word yet on what they’ll be doing, but no doubt it’ll be good fun!