Best Buffy Moments

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Best Buffy Moments

In celebration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer finally getting an Emmy nomination for Best Moment in a TV Drama we thought we’d give our run down of the best Buffy moments, which started out at just ten, but grew to about 18, because we love Buffy.

Buffy Dies, Again

This season 5 finale is actually the episode nominated for the Emmy. While certainly not the first time the audience has seen Buffy die, this episode is particularly potent to viewers thus making it a best Buffy moment. Buffy figures out that she is supposed to give up her life to save the universe, not to mention her sister Dawn, and throws herself into a portal. This coming after some serious plot turns for Buffy earlier with her mother having cancer and then dying. A real tear jerker.

Faith and Buffy Switch Bodies

Season 4’s hilarious “Who are you?” is just a fun episode! Seeing both actresses doing an amazing job playing each other was very cool. It was especially funny seeing Faith (in Buffy’s body) trying to get used to being in Buffy’s body. Watching her practice lines like “you can’t do that, it’s wrong” is just hilarious.

Double Xander

The Replacement was just a treat, as Xander gets split in two, with one having all the “good” qualities and the other Xander having the “bad” qualities. But my favourite part was having the two together, and Giles realizing that they’re “a bad influence on each other” was just great!

The Body aka the one where Joyce dies

The Body had probably the most realistic portrayal of death that I have ever seen, and probably ever will see, on television. I’d like to settle on one specific best Buffy moment for this piece, but truly, the whole episode shines. The lack of background music when Buffy discovers her mother makes the whole scene uncomfortably real, as does Buffy’s reaction. And Anya’s reaction, as somebody who doesn’t quite know how to deal with death was lovely.

Spike and the Buffy Bot

In the episode Intervention, Warren builds Spike a Buffy Bot, which of course happens while Buffy is out of town, causing the Scoobies to believe Buffy is boinking Spike. My favourite part is Buffy’s reaction when she realizes that her friends think she’s with Spike and then of course the Buffy Bot walks in and Xander says, “I know this one. They’re both you!” Classic Buffy.

Buffy Kills Angel

The season two finale is one that will definitely stay with me. There’s plenty of heartache in it with Buffy finally telling her mother the truth, as well as some great fight sequences between Buffy and Angelus. But it’s that moment when Buffy realizes Angel is back, but it’s too late and she still has to stab him, this is what great tragedies (and best Buffy moments) are all about.

Buffy Angel Innocence

Angel Becomes Angelus

The beginning of Innocence, when Angel becomes Angelus is really hard to top. Sure, at that moment, we the audience may not realize exactly what has just occurred, but looking back on that episode, you know that the rules just changed.

Buffy versus Dracula

I have to admit, I was afraid the show had jumped the shark when I learned they were going to do an episode with Dracula in it, but Joss Whedon and the rest of the writers handled this so well, that this is easily amongst my favourite episodes. As for best Buffy moment, well, this is another episode where it’s hard to select just one. There is Riley accusing Buffy of being under Dracula’s thrall. There’s Xander being Dracula’s, well, butt-monkey, and there’s Spike and Anya’s reactions, each so different and funny, when they find out that Dracula is in town.


This is another one with way too many best Buffy moments to count. It was the first episode with Ethan Rayne in it, which hinted at Giles having a darker past than any of us could’ve imagined. Plus, it was cool see Buffy being the one terrified, and having Xander and Willow take charge. Favourite line? Probably Willow lamenting that Buffy couldn’t have dressed up as Xena.

Jonathan Credits

The episode Superstar was definitely among my fourth season faves, but my absolute favourite best Buffy moment, and there was so many to choose from, is the opening credits. It was completely different, and so nice to see Jonathan who, at the time was little more than a peripheral character, outsmarting everyone on the show (until Buffy finally figures it out) and getting top billing.

The Puppet Show Closing Credits

Now don’t get me wrong, this first season episode was already pretty hysterical, but seeing Buffy, Willow and Xander’s little rendition of Oedipus Rex was just too much. I especially loved when Willow runs off stage.

Tabula Rasa

This is another episode with too many fun moments to list as each of the Scoobies try to piece together who they are. There are nice moments all round, with Willow realizing that she’s “kinda gay”, Giles and Spikes father/son relationship and Giles and Anya’s soon-to-be-married relationship. But my favourite has to be Spike figuring out that he’s a vampire, but a good vampire, with a soul, that helps the helpless.


Something Blue

Another spell gone wrong for Willow and another classic episode of Buffy! Buffy’s announcement that she and Spike are getting married, and Xander and Giles’ reactions are especially funny. Xander: How? What? How? Giles: Three excellent questions.

The Return of the Rocket Launcher

Now, I know that people are split on this episode, but personally I loved it. Given how dark the final season was, and how dark the previous season was, this was a nice little release. And my favourite moment has to be when Buffy tries to kill Principle Wood with the rocket launcher, while Spike tries to stop her

The Gentlemen

It’s hard to pick a favourite moment in such an innovative episode as Hush but I would have to say that the appearance of The Gentleman is definitely high on my list. With no voice to even try and call for help and seeing these things coming after you… truly terrifying.

Angel Kills Ms. Calendar

The whole sequence starting from Angel hunting Jenny down, to Giles finding her body to Buffy and Willow getting the news that she’s been killed is such a well shot moment for Buffy. Along with being very touching, it also lets the audience know that if Jenny Calendar can be killed, a character that’s been in it since the first season, then anyone could be next.

Giles and Willow having it out in Flooded

Okay, so the dark Willow arc that came out of season 6 really wasn’t as great as all that, but during this little scene, getting these first few hints of not just how powerful Willow is but how dark she can be, well, it was magic.

Tara Killed in Seeing Red

What can I say, it was just truly unexpected. To kill Tara after Amber Benson made it into the credits and having Willow and Tara get back together (guess I should’ve see that one coming!). And then there was the method: rather than having some demon attack, the character is gunned down. A truly memorable best Buffy moment, not least because you know this will be the thing to drive Willow over the edge, and you kinda cheer her on for it.