Matrix M41-A Pulse Rifle

Matrix pulse rifle airsoft

Anybody who has spent even a short time on this website knows that I am a massive fan of the movie Aliens. It’s my all-time favourite film. So of course, I absolutely adore the M41A pulse rifle, the weapon of the Colonial Marines. Is the pulse rifle the most efficient scifi weapon? No, probably not. But it’s badass and it makes a cool sound when it is fired. So for years I lusted after prop replicas of this bad boy. But they cost several hundred dollars and we could never afford to spend so much money on something like that. That is until Matrix came out with their own M41A airsoft pulse rifle.

Priced at under three hundred bucks, the cost is a lot easier on the wallet. Plus, it’s airsoft, so you can actually shoot stuff with it! We had to have it.

Being so cheap, I really wasn’t sure what we were getting, but when the package arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pulse rifle had a little heft to it. Made with full metal, it’s solidly constructed. No crappy, easy-to-break, plastic parts here. The weapon holds a modified 190 round Thompson magazine and comes with an 8.4V battery stick. The battery stick was really the one thing we had a problem with. It’s only a tester battery to make sure the thing functions, so you’ll want to purchase your own battery.

Near the ammo compartment is another compartment for a 9 volt battery. This powers the counter. That’s right. Just like in the movie, when you fire a round, the LED counter counts down, starting at 95 and going all the way to zero. Did I mention that I love this thing?

One misfire that fans are sure to complain about is the fact the under-barrel weapon on the pulse rifle isn’t a grenade launcher as in the movie, but actually a shotgun. Yeah, not sure what happened there.

So how well does the pulse rifle work? Not bad. It’s bulky as anything (not the most practical weapon), and it takes a bit of time to get a feel for it, but otherwise it works pretty well. I haven’t shot airsoft very often but we didn’t find too many issues with the pulse rifle. The only thing I would say is that you probably don’t want to use this in an airsoft fight unless you have a spare magazine because a cosmetic plate covers where the real magazine goes, which makes reloading a pain in the butt.

So there you have it. My experience with the Matrix airsoft pulse rifle. Mostly, I loved it. I think it’ll make a brilliant piece for our collection, and the best part is I can play with it too. If Matrix were to come out with a revised version however, I would really love for them to fix the grenade launcher issue, and pretty please, include something so that when you fire it, it actually makes the sound of a pulse rifle. Sure, airsoft weapons don’t tend to do that, but this isn’t just any airsoft gun, it’s the weapon of choice for United States Colonial Marine Corp.