Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic at the EMP

The Dark Crystal art by Wendy Froud
Last week we took a trip to the EMP Museum to check out their new Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibit.

I have to say, this is one of the better exhibits the EMP have put on in recent years. In the lobby is a replica of the Iron Throne, which you can sit in and have your picture taken. When you enter the actual exhibit you realise they’ve gone all out. Beneath your feet is straw, it looks like you’re walking through some medieval courtyard. There’s even a life-sized animatronic dragon sleeping in the corner. Apparently the dragon was built by the Seattle Opera especially for this exhibit.

Items on exhibit range from costumes from movies such as Labyrinth and The Princess Bride to original manuscripts from literary favourites like Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. I found reading some of the changes Tolkien made to LOTR especially fascinating. There is also a small art gallery featuring some gorgeous fantasy art, although I was a little disappointed that the exhibit didn’t include something from the king of fantasy art himself, Michael Whelan. However, I was pretty excited to see a small sculpture from artist Wendy Froud.

Another section features an interactive map-making station where you can create a pirate or fantasy map for just a few dollars. The exhibit also allows you to examine the world of fantasy in computer games like World of Warcraft.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Fantasy exhibit. As usual, I wish it was bigger, but what they did have was well worth the visit. Plus, once you’re done there, you can go check out the Dalek at the ongoing Icons of Science Fiction exhibit.