Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 19th July 2013

Doctor Who IDW
Hello! How is your week treating you? Not too much going on at the IGP offices. Monday I dragged Webmonkey Rob to Snoqualmie Falls. If you’re a Twin Peaks fan you’ll know the waterfall from the opening credits. Also the nearby Salish Lodge provided exterior shots for the Great Northern hotel. The inner geek in me was happy, and so was the nature nerd. Nature nerd. Say that five times real fast!

Been trying to play the Willow board game. It’s hard finding the answers to questions about rules written 25 years ago! I will say that the game is very true to the film. Speaking of movies, I also made us watch Upside Down. You know me, if it’s scifi and indie, I’m probably going to push for it. Sadly, while the special effects were certainly interesting, the story itself was only meh. It’s basically a Romeo and Juliet story in which the main protagonists live in two different worlds, that exist next to each other (sometimes only 10 feet away!!) with their own gravities. Like I said, interesting visuals but a fairly slow, uninteresting story with a rushed ending. That’s about it going on here. I do have one other bit of exciting news, but it’s too soon to talk about just yet.

On the IGP front I was on a cartoon kick this week. Not only did I dig up from the vaults this article on scifi cartoon spin-offs, but I also wrote a new article on top scifi cartoons. I’m sure I missed your favourites, so please feel free to tell me what you would have liked to see on the list!

Our first bit of news this week comes from ABC about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It turns out that Battlestar Galactica‘s Bear McCreary will be doing the music for this show. I’m excited. He really did create a unique sound for BSG, and was one of the few decent aspects of that scifi series.

In Doctor Who news, IDW has signed a deal with the BBC to create a one shot for the 50th anniversary. The issue will see the Doctor and the TARDIS brought to this universe, in which he meets a ten year old fan of Doctor Who. Check out SFX for more details about this one off special.

Our last bit of news is about Firefly. Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect that. No, it’s not that news. It’s the revelation that a new Firefly game will be coming to iOS and Android next summer. The game will let you build your own ship and hire a crew as your traverse the raggedy edge. No word yet on whether any of the stars will be voicing roles for the game, but seriously, if Adam Baldwin can take time out to voice a Quarian, I think he can return to play Jayne Cobb!