Inter-Galaxy portal News RoundUp 5th July 2013

Captain Planet

Hello! A somewhat quieter week than usual at the IGP offices. We took a break from geekdom to go camping where I buried myself in Neil Gaiman’s new book. Bliss! Haven’t been up to too much else, aside from breaking in our copy of Fortune and Glory, complete with non-stop Indiana Jones references. We did get to meet a Nerf gun modder at Otherworlds, who showed us all kinds of tricks to making a Steampunk-looking gun. Since we still have a box of garish yellow Nerf guns sitting in our living room, I’m pretty excited about that. Today’s my birthday, so I’m pre-writing this to the sound of fireworks, so I can be out of the office! Hoping my new N7 hoodie comes today. Been dropping hints all week.

SFX are reporting that Captain Planet and the Planeteers will finally get a big screen version. Really? Do we really need that? And apparently there is going to be a new trilogy of Terminator movies. Again. Do we really need that?

Speaking of SFX, check out this interview they did with the wonderful J. August Richards about his new role in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Falling Skies fans will be glad to hear that there will be a fourth season of the alien invasion series.

Finally, a quick reminder, don’t forget to get your tickets to the Doctor Who Official 50th Celebration. Tickets go on sale Monday!