Labyrinth Hanging Goblin by Plan B Toys

Labyrinth hanging goblin

Labyrinth Hanging Goblin by Plan B Toys

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Considering what a cult movie Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth is, it seems amazing that it’s taken over 20 years for Labyrinth collectibles to become available. Oh sure there are the Jareth figures slowly flooding the market, but everyone knows it’s the goblins that steal the show, and this licensed mini-bust produced by Plan B Toys certainly doesn’t disappoint.

As a long time fan, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this piece! Not only does this perfectly capture the goblins as created by Brian Froud, but Plan B actually picked out a specific character from the film, which will be easily recognizable to fans. Made from resin, the goblin hugs a spire attached to a very solid black base. The spire has a stone-like appearance which really sets off the little goblin. Along with the sculpt, comes an excellent paint job. Though some have complained about the completely glossy face, I think it adds a slimy feel, which I have to say, is fairly goblin like.

As far as the packaging goes, this writer has no complaints. The box is sturdy with lots of Styrofoam to keep the figure safe. The box also has some great shots of the Hanging Goblin as well as shots of Plan B’s other two Labyrinth mini-busts.

My biggest complaint would be that the size of the box is a little misleading. Judging by the packaging you would be forgiven for assuming the figure is bigger than the seven inches in height it actually reaches. Additionally, at $40 some might consider the price a little steep for a statue of this size, However, given that Plan B’s other Labyrinth mini-busts have already sold out, and the fact that the figure is very unique, the price is pretty fair.

Overall, I think this goblin would make a great addition to any Labyrinth or Froud fan’s collection.