Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 2nd August 2013

Gemini Force 1 Gerry Anderson

Wow, it’s a rainy, dreary day here at IGP. First rain we’ve had in a while. If I hadn’t already taken yesterday off, I would curl up in the den and play a board game. Touch of Evil perhaps? Alas, no. Not today. Let’s see, what’s been happening? Not too much. We picked up a big haul of Nerf guns at Goodwill the other day. Rob’s planning on painting them, pimping them out. Hopefully he’ll have something for my costume for the Ren Faire next week. But then again, I haven’t exactly been spending much time on it myself. Rob’s also gearing up for a big board game weekend. Android tonight (which I’m also playing) and Twilight Imperium which I decided to sit out. Partly because I don’t want to lock our dog up for that long, and partly because, phew, 8 hours playing a boardgame? Not sure I could do that. Last weekend we went to see Outdoor Trek perform The Devil in the Dark. It’s a really great show. You can ready the review here. They’re only performing for one more week so be sure to check it out! I also dug into the vaults and pulled out an article on military scifi novels.

Lots of Doctor Who news this week. The biggest news being that on Sunday the BBC will announce, on live TV, who the next Doctor will be. David Harewood (Homeland) seems like a pretty good bet according to Ladbrokes.

Speaking of Doctor Who, ever wanted to go into the TARDIS control room? Stupid question, of course you have! The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff are opening the actual set to visitors so you can actually stand on the brand new, as-yet unseen control room.

Lastly, according to SFX, in time for the 50th anniversary, a new range of micro-figures have been released featuring all 11 Doctors.

Other major franchise news this week came regarding Star Wars as John Williams confirmed that he would return to the franchise. Frankly this isn’t a huge surprise. He did score all of the previous films. To have a Star Wars movie without John Williams just wouldn’t be Star Wars.

Finally, according to SFX, the Official Gerry Anderson Facebook page has started teasing about a new project called Gemini Force 1. No word yet as to what it all means. Stay tuned!