Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 30th August 2013

The World's End
How has your week been? Nothing too crazy going on here at IGP. We went out to see The World’s End, the last in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s blood and ice-cream trilogy. I thought it was hilarious. I only hope this isn’t the laST time these comic genius’ are collaborating together. You can check out the review here. I was also quite overjoyed to see that Peter David had tweeted me after I posted a review of his YA novel Tigerheart. I’m a longtime fan of his, so that was kinda cool.

News of The Avengers sequel is starting to come out, the biggest of which is that James Spader will play the role of Ultron. Joss Whedon also did a rather interesting interview for Entertainment Weekly in which he makes some comments about Indiana Jones and Empire Strike Back which proves to me that this guy understands how to make a good sequel.

Also the first trailer for Divergent came out this week. Sadly, it doesn’t really excite me. Reading Divergent, Tris’ Dauntless training is brutal. And while yes, her relationship with Four is certainly present, she spends the bulk of her time trying to survive training, yet the trailer shows none of this. Does she have even a bruise on her at all? This is a movie being geared toward the Twilight crowd which is a shame because the novel was quite promising.