Agents of SHIELD Review: Pilot

agents of shield pilot

Agents of SHIELD Review: Pilot

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

SHIELD uses a mysterious organization known as the Rising Tide to help track down a new superhero.

Best Moment: Agent Coulson’s first appearance from within the shadows. SHIELD maintenance workers should really get on top of those burned out light bulbs. Classic Whedon moment!

Verdict: Marvel’s newest television entry is probably the most highly anticipated new show this year. Yet, it felt a little, I don’t know, not quite living up to its full potential. Believe me, as a Whedon fan , it pains me to say this.

I suppose given that this is a follow up to some truly brilliant cinematic films, I was expecting something greater. Something more epic. Remember the first time you watched the Lost pilot? That was like watching a movie. It didn’t seem like a TV pilot. For that matter, say what you will about Heroes, but that pilot was equally epic. All of these disparate people, all across the globe, discovering their powers. It was instantly engaging.

Conversely, Agents of SHIELD seemed a little more pedestrian. Partly because Marvel doesn’t have to try and introduce a new world to viewers. We already watched Avengers. We know about the battle for New York. This series feels more procedural. Less Heroes, and more Torchwood or Alphas. Don’t get me wrong. The pilot was more enjoyable than either of those two shows, yet it doesn’t try to do much more. It doesn’t try to be different. You had your super secret squirrel agents with their geeky techs and black vehicles. Check. You had your mysterious over-arching plot (what happened to Coulson). Check. You had your team of wisecracking agents. Check. Aside from Coulson. Nobody really stood out. Okay. I take that back. Aside from Coulson and Mike Peterson, J. August Richards fantastic new superhero, but even he was slightly cliché.

I realise it is early days yet, and this series is about SHIELD, not the superheroes, but unless we get some epic connections to the world at large (a Nick Fury cameo perhaps?) Agents of SHIELD feels a little like every other show of its ilk. Even Lola wasn’t quite as epic as she should have been. I can totally go with the idea of a flying car, but when it is the final shot of the episode, it needs to look really good, yet the CGI wasn’t quite there.

This probably sounds like I didn’t enjoy the pilot, and I really don’t want to come across as that. I did enjoy it, I’m just not hooked yet. There wasn’t enough Whedonism yet (The Avengers had just enough). There were too many cliches and it didn’t seem epic. Still, it is a pilot, and I’m hoping that they will be able to correct some of these issues further down the line.