Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 20th September 2013

Thor 2Odin
Hello! How is your week going? We’ve been out enjoying the last of the sunshine. I just love sitting at the beach getting lost in a book. I’m engrossed in the Artemis Fowl series right now. How has it taken so long for me to read these? Speaking of books! The Seattle Public Library sale is this weekend. Time to load up on more books! When we haven’t been outside, we’ve been inside boardgaming, or watching Breaking Bad and Breaking Bad related stuff. I really wish I could have justified reviewing this series. Some people think I just like to bitch about shows, but it would have been nice to review a truly superb piece of television.

Speaking of superb televison, Dr Who alum Nicholas Briggs will be headlining a new scifi web series according to SFX. Briggs will play General Richter, commander of a manned mission into a black hole.

Meanwhile SKY Atlantic has partnered with Showtime to do a televised adaptation of Penny Dreaful. Sam Mendes will be on writing and producing duties. Meanwhile Timothy Dalton, Billie Piper and Rory Kinnear have already been cast.

Check out this new extended trailer for Thor: The Dark World.