Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 29th September 2013

Doctor Who 50th anniversary
Wow. This one is a bit late, I must admit. This has been an awfully busy week. More stuff I cannot really talk about, I’m afraid. This has left me with not a lot of time for geeky fun. Although I did of course watch the Agents of SHIELD pilot episode, which I reviewed here. It was enjoyable, though slightly underwhelming. I also really enjoyed the new Parks & Rec premiere. I loved how they wrote into the episode actual reasons why Andy had suddenly gotten so buff, and gave him a reason to be in England for three months while Chris Pratt films Guardians of the Galaxy. And, since we’re on the subject of television. Tonight’s the night. The series finale of Breaking Bad. Am I the only one that kinda doesn’t want to watch it? I’m not ready for this rollercoaster ride to end yet.

In other news, Fox has apparently commissioned a live-action Batman spin-off titled Gotham. The series will focus on a younger James Gordon. Don’t know how I feel about that. I would love to have seen more, based on the James Gordon we saw in the Christopher Nolan films. We will see.

Meanwhile, AMC has commissioned a Walking Dead spin-off. This will tell a new story, with new characters and offer a different perspective to the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, the BBC has released new teaser images from the upcoming 50th Anniversary Doctor Who episode, which you can see above.