Agents of SHIELD Review: 0-8-4


Agents of SHIELD Review: 0-8-4

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

The one in which they investigate a mysterious object in Peru.

Best moment: Do I really need to say? You know the one. The scene right at the end.

Verdict: Honestly, overall, this was a pretty blah episode. While the pilot didn’t enamour me, this episode really turned me off the series. It felt so cheap. Dated even. Is this Agents of SHIELD or Stargate/A-Team/MacGuyver. Peruvian rebels? Really? And the cliched chick that Coulson used to know. Why oh why must a foreign female soldier have to wear the tank top? AKA the boob shirt? The whole thing from the writing down to the sets was disappointing.

The good news is that SHIELD can only go up from here. While most of the characters still feel like cardboard cutouts, it’s early days yet, and I could learn to love them. May is already at least halfway interesting, and I am eager to see Skye torn between her new allegiance to SHIELD and her old ones to Rising Tide.

Ultimately what SHIELD is lacking right now is some good character moments. Yes, they had the whole “have to learn to work as a team” moment this episode. One which Marvel likes to trot out quite a bit. But if we get less of the nonsense action and crappy SFX we saw today and more gritty character stuff, this could be a halfway decent show.