Inter-Galaxy News RoundUp 11th October 2013

GeekGirlCon 2012
Hello! Wow, I have back-to-back news round ups, it looks like. I do have a good excuse, as I have visitors, so my schedule has been topsy turvy. I did watch Gravity and absolutely loved it. It was a stunning film, and I came away feeling like I had been on a boat, or scuba diving, exhausted and feeling weird being back on land. Given the subject matter, that’s not a bad thing at all. I will get to a review as soon as able. I also caught up on Agents of SHIELD last night. Honestly, I’m still not loving it. The material is average at best, and still feels dated. Also, am I the only one that thinks Bear McCreary is poorly utilized? The guy put such a wonderful fingerprint on Battlestar Galactica. However, on this show, it feels like generic superhero music. What’s more. I feel lied to. I was told that this show would be like The Zeppo- the famous Xander-centric episode of Buffy. This was one of my all-time favourite Buffy episodes. The thing is, it’s nothing like The Zeppo. Yes, it exists in a universe with Captain America. But…. that’s about it. The team is so isolated from the rest of what’s going on, with the exception of the obvious Marvel name-dropping. It’s ridiculous. Am I being too harsh? Yes. But that’s only because of the people involved with this show.

In other scifi news, have you bought your passes to Geek Girl Con yet? Better hurry, since it is next week. I have to admit, I was a little tired just thinking about working another con. Then I remembered, I actually liked Geek Girl Con. It was inspiring. It was easy to maneuver. I got to meet Jane Espenson, who will be there promoting Husbands again this year too. Not to mention my conversation with Ashley Eckstein helped re-start my voice over career. So if you’re in the PNW, go there. Guy or girl. It doesn’t matter. This is a con to keep an eye on!

Meanwhile, with the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who just around the corner, SFX reports that roughly 100 previously lost episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered. It seems improbable right? But apparently the BBC have also confirmed it!

Finally, in this news-lite week, check out this clip for the latest Simpsons Treehouse of Horror couch gag, courtesy of Guillermo Del Toro.