Inter-Galaxy Portal News RoundUp 18th October 2013

Star Wars The Inquisitor

Phew, what a crazy week! Had visitors all week which meant I’ve been super busy and off my schedule. And I barely have time to recover because tomorrow is GeekGirlCon! I am very excited for the con. If you haven’t yet bought passes, I’m afraid they’re sold out online, but there should be a few at the door tomorrow. Last year’s con was a blast. I can’t wait to see what’s new at the connections room, and listen to talks from women working in a range of geeky fields.

I will say this however. I did recently read a column about GeekGirlCon in our local paper, and it bugged me. I’m all for celebrating geekiness, but there’s this self-congratulatory trend that is sweeping geekdom. Geek pride? Does that really need to be a thing? Also, the article made these sweeping generalizations about women having these war stories from cons about guys quizzing them on their geekiness. Okay, first off, war stories? Really? So going up against a douchey geek is like going to war? Also, although I certainly know this kind of stuff happens, I can honestly say that having been an open geek all my young, female life, I have never had someone question my geek creds. In fact, I have more geek creds than a lot of guys I know.  So yes,  while I am super excited for GeekGirlCon and think it is a wonderful thing, for boys and girls, we really need to stop this whole patting ourselves on the back nonsense.

In other news, I watched the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD and most liked it! You can read the review here!

NYCC was this past weekend, and Lucasfilm revealed their latest villain for the Star Wars universe.  He’s called The Inquisitor and he was tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi. Cast your eyes skyward to see what he looks like.

Meanwhile, acclaimed British director Ben Wheatley has signed on to direct Peter Capaldi’s first episode of Doctor Who, according to SFX.

SFX also reports that 30 years later, Miracleman will be reprinted and Neil Gaiman will be writing a conclusion to this trailblazing comic.

Finally, The Clangers is returning to the BBC. The children’s scifi show, which first launched in 1969, will return in 2015.