Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: Eye-Spy

Agents of SHIELD eye-spy

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: Eye-Spy

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

After a string of high-profile robberies, Coulson discovers that a former protégée is behind them, and decides to use the team to bring her in himself.

Best Moment: Personally, I loved the scene in the van with the pee bottle. That whole scene felt very fresh and very Whedon to me. Some times you just gotta pee. Also, ladies parts are different from boy parts.

Verdict: A much more enjoyable episode. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know that this is a “Man on the Street” style turn-around a la Dollhouse. May is feeling pretty one-note right now. For that matter, so are FitzSimmons. Sky still doesn’t feel particularly believable. Still, there were some nice character moments throughout, including Ward’s tiny “help” when he realises that he has to try and seduce a male security guard.

The story had a little more emotional weight this week, although I am still not enjoying this mystery-of-the-week plotting. Also, I think we got a pretty clear clue this week from Amandor that all is not physically right with Coulson.

One thing that still bugs me about Agents of SHIELD is that the team are so isolated. They’re more like a terrorist cell than part of a some kind of secret squirrel law enforcement agency. I get that most of the people on the team don’t have clearance for some of the more crazy levels of SHIELD headquarters, but really, I don’t get the sense that they’re part of a bigger organization. What must it be like for Leo Fitz (yes, he has a first name) to walk through the break room and catch a glimpse of Nick Fury? This is the side of SHIELD I would like to see more of.

Having said all that, this week was a huge improvement, and while still not yet in four or five-star territory, it was the first time I actually felt excited after watching this series.