Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: Girl in the Flower Dress

Agents of SHIELD

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: Girl in the Flower Dress

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The one in which a pyrotecnic magician and SHIELD asset is kidnapped by a shady organization, and we finally learn why Skye wanted to infiltrate SHIELD.

Best Moment: I actually liked the few quiet moments between Coulson and May. Also the Scorch joke was pretty funny I suppose.

Verdict: Before I go into what I thought of this episode, can we please address the fact that their HQ is on a plane? For some reason I never actually clued into this. I figured at some point they would be hanging about SHIELD headquarters, but no, this episode confirms that they live on a freaking plane. And it’s a terrible idea. Here’s why:

ABC thinks having a plane makes the show look expensive. No. It makes them look cheap. Oh, you can’t afford to build sets for SHIELD headquarters as well as a plane? We’ll just make the plane HQ. Not to mention that the plane CGI has never been particularly well done. Also, the show lacks urgency. There’s no briefing on the tarmac before they roll onto the plane and have to head off to far off lands. They’re just hanging out on a plane until they get a call. It takes away any sense that they work for a larger organization. Coulson has his team, and he basically does whatever the hell he wants. He barely answers to anyone. Why call this Agents of SHIELD? Why not just the C Team? Because that’s essentially what it is. Finally, by not ever being on the ground, except for a mission, none of the characters have lives outside of SHIELD which means we never get to see any character development there. Now true, some very good shows have gotten away with having their characters solely on the job. But guess what? Agents of SHIELD is not doing well establishing fully realised characters. They can’t afford to throw away opportunities for development!

Now to the episode. It was okay. Not as fun as the previous week, but it could have been worse. Yet again (up until he went crazy at the end), the writers created an interesting character in Chan which have been a far better addition to the team than the actual main characters.

Hopefully this is the end of the Rising Tide storyline. However, now we have The Mystery of Skye’s Parents. Really, I feel like the mysteries are being pushed on us. Remember Firefly? I do. I just re-watched it. Sure, there was the large River mystery. But others, like Book’s background and why Inara arrived on Serenity (which is never answered) were more subtle mysteries. They weren’t overt, let’s string the audience along, type mysteries.

Actually, I had huge problems with the Skye storyline. First, they really need to take the focus off her, because there are other characters on the show. Second, even if she hadn’t been conveniently followed by May, it was just plain idiotic for her to get naked when the team would be looking for her. They already didn’t trust her at that particular moment. Finally, the fact that Coulson keeps her on the team just shows how absurd this show is. The guy apparently has no one (except occasionally Nick Fury who has bigger things to worry about) to answer to. Skye is a huge liability to the team yet…. he keeps her on. Why? Because the writer’s need two hot leads to hook up eventually, and Ward and Simmons just wouldn’t go together.

Finally, the title. The girl in the flower dress. Too cutesy. The dresses weren’t even that eye-catching. Certainly not in a way that the one description the guy can come up with is the print of the dress she’s wearing. A woman in red, with matching lipstick and nails? I could buy that. A flower dress? Not to much.

I will say that I am glad to see more of an actual Big Bad for the season. And maybe we’ll see some character development as Skye must work to regain everyone’s trust. But I also can’t deny that I have begun hate-watching Agents of SHIELD which is a shame because it had potential.