Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: The Asset


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Review: The Asset

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The one in which Skye has to go under cover to help a kidnapped SHIELD scientist.

Best Moment: Is it weird that I cannot think of any? It’s not that this was a bad episode. Last week was much worse, but it was entirely un-memorable.

Verdict: Another tired outing with Agents of SHIELD. As you might have guessed, I am not loving this show. It feels so tired. Like something from the 90s. Formulaic characters. Throw away plots. None of the main cast are particularly interesting. Will Skye and Ward hook up? Well, duh. Up until the easter egg ending, there was nothing surprising about this episode, certainly not edgy or interesting. Of course Skye gets to use the technique she learned just a little while earlier in the episode, to disarm Evil Villain. Of course May wants back in a combat position. Even the one bit of characterization they had for Skye and Ward was lazy. Ward was beat up as a kid and Skye was an orphan. Feel sorry for them.

I’m trying to keep going with this show. I’ve reviewed much, much worse. Yet, I don’t know. I’m ready to give up soon. And I don’t want to hear about how all Joss Wehdon’s shows start out badly. I still thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Buffy. Plus, this isn’t a Joss Whedon production. This is Marvel/Disney/ABC operation. Way too many suits to go through to create an interesting series. Honestly, it makes me sad to see the little mutant Enemy logo at the end of each episode.