And Another Thing…

We’re baack. I do want to apologise for the extended absence. It was far longer than expected. I somehow found myself in something of an existential crisis.

For a while there I didn’t know what I was doing with IGP. Shut it down? Don’t shut it down? But even in my absence, Inter-Galaxy Portal still pulled in a healthy number of visitors. Besides, scifi is my first great love. Not that I didn’t have to force myself to the computer to write this. Some of it due to my above existential crisis- during my absence, I lost yet another member of my family. But some of the reasons I’ve been away are good. For instance, I’ve been super busy in the non-writing department voicing a ton of audiobooks as well as video games and other stuff.

But now I’m back. Not quite ready. I have to dust off the cobwebs in the parts of my brain that allows me to write for fun. I am excited though. We have a new Doctor Who coming Saturday! I confess I haven’t seen any trailers. Which is good. It’ll be like the first time I watched Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, on a British Airways flight, not knowing what to expect from a guy who looked nothing like the Doctor I remembered, Sylvester McCoy.

Actually, reviewing the new series of Doctor Who is the perfect thing to keep me coming back to IGP week after week, and hopefully you too. And when I’m not talking Who, I have plenty of other fun stuff to relate. ECCC and getting to meet one of my favourite writers, Peter David. A review of Peter David’s newest novel, as well as a review of the new Joss Whedon biography which I am devouring at this moment. My love of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Duh. My utter hatred of Knights of Badassdom, which will serve as a warning off for fans of Summer Glau et all. Oh yes, and some of my favourite new shows. Hint: I heart Tatiana Maslany.

So stick around. I promise if you keep checking back here, once or twice a week, you won’t be disappointed.