Interview: Angela Webber from The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks
Some time ago I was lucky enough to catch up with Angela Webber, one-half of the geeky musical duo, The Doubleclicks. We chatted about geekdom, music and boardgames.

IGP: How did you get started in nerd music?

Angela: My sister Aubrey and I have been making music our whole lives. Right when I graduated from college, she moved out to Portland from our home town of Boston and she was playing open

mics with her cello and everyone wanted to play with her and then I had taken a couple of poetry classes in college. Long story short, she convinced me to start writing songs and going to open

mics. The first songs we were writing weren’t just about breakups I was having, but they were about World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. And then we were really lucky to get in touch

with Paul and Storm and realise there’s this whole world and audience for nerd music which was basically what we were doing without thinking about it. So we just started writing about the things we love.

IGP: Have you always been a geek?

Angela: I didn’t realise until late high school or even college that this was a community. I didn’t go to my first convention until 2009, but I’ve always been by myself reading and looking at comics and watching scifi and Star Trek. Some of my earliest memories were watching Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation with my family. So the scifi fandom has been in my blood, and I have played a lot of games like Dungeons and Dragons, but I didn’t realise how amazing the community was until way more recently.

IGP: Who are your musical influences?

Angela: We grew up listening to The Beatles, They Might Be Giants and Weird Al. That was pretty much all of the music that I cared about most of my childhood. These days we really like

listening to Molly Lewis, Marian Call, The Magnetic Fields. Anything where the lyrics are clever and fun and with music you can get in to.

IGP: I understand you’re a big tabletop person. What’s your favourite tabletop game?

Angela: It’s been Lords of Waterdeep. I also really like Takenoko right now. It’s a really cute game about pandas and bamboo. Those are probably my top two favourites right now.

IGP: What kind of boardgamer are you? Do you prefer Eurogames, Ameritrash…?

Angela: I like any sort of mechanic. I really like party games. I like beer and pretzel games. Anything with worker placement and victory points, I’m there. I’ll try anything once.

IGP: What game would you recommend for a newbie?

Angela: Takenoko is kind of a good intro because it’s pretty simple, it’s really cute but it’s also got a lot of strategy in it. Party Games can be really fun too, like Say Anything.

IGP: Have you yourself ever had any bad experiences as a geek girl?

Angela: Yeah. It’s not super bad. Obviously I grew up and was bullied because I was a nerd and socially awkward most of my life. On the internet, in YouTube comments and occasionally in real
life people will occasionally challenge us. The word “geek” is frequently associated with us and people are very possessive of that label. People will come up and quiz you. I don’t think they realise what they’re doing. It’s like, why are you challenging me, you would never do this to another man? I haven’t had a lot of situations where I’ve walked away being really angry but it really bothers me that people do that. Especially with young girls who are finding refuge, during a very difficult time to be young, people are saying that they’re not allowed to like the things that they like because of their gender. The whole concept of geek allegiances makes me angry, but it’s not been too bad for me personally.