Doctor Who Review: Flatline

Dr Who Flatlines

Doctor Who Review: Flatline

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The one with the miniature TARDIS.

Best Moment: Peter Capaldi’s reaction to Clara taking on the role of the Doctor was pretty funny, but my favourite moment had to be when he Things the TARDIS out of the train’s path.

Verdict: It’s actually really difficult to judge this episode. Come at any other time in Doctor Who’s run, and without all the Clara/Doctor tension build up we’ve seen earlier, I think I might have enjoyed this episode more. The Boneless were certainly excellent villains. Their desires, their activities were so completely alien, and in that respect, I really enjoyed the episode. Plus, it was fun to see Clara take on the Doctor’s mantle, and see her making the same sort of decisions he would. There’s certainly some interesting storytelling to come out of that.

Yet, after the previous week’s episode, I don’t know. She slipped into his role a little too easily. The lies were also a little too easy. Poor Danny Pink. Surely he must know by now that she’s lying to him. Even the Doctor seems concerned at the way Clara is acting. I almost want to hear that Clara is being controlled by Missy- which certainly could be the case given that ending. Right now, it all seems so out of character, and sudden. From the moment in the previous episode when Clara got off the phone with Pink and lied to the Doctor, her attitude just seemed very strange.

Anyway, as I said, the episode itself was pretty enjoyable. The Boneless were properly creepy. Leave it to Doctor Who to make people afraid of their walls and floors! The shrinking TARDIS was a fun gag, though I’m not sure why the TARDIS ended up looking like the Pandorica when it went into siege-mode. It was an overall excellent episode, that could’ve been a bit better without all the “important plot arc” stuff. I will say that this season has been a whole lot better than the previous year’s stuff with Clara, but still, I wish the arc didn’t seem to trump the storytelling sometimes.