Doctor Who Review: In the Forest of the Night

Dr Who Forest of the Night

Doctor Who Review: In the Forest of the Night

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

The one where all the trees appear overnight.

Best Moment: Hmm…. Nope. Not coming up with anything particularly memorable.

Verdict: Well, that was…. pretty bad actually. This was just not a very good episode of Doctor Who. It had some interesting ideas. The scary forests from fairytales, the scary wild animals and the red riding hood motif. But it was so poorly executed.

I came away not really following what was supposed to have happened. So Maebh didn’t actually call the trees? And I guess the trees weren’t there to destroy the Earth. But why was the Doctor so adamant they were? And why did the Doctor and Clara give up so easily? Which was so unbelievable. It should have been moving, but it wasn’t.

Going back to Maebh. So she has powers, right? Or something. Or was it just the weird glowy things? Yep. I’m confused again. It was all so poorly written, and in many parts, heavy handed. I appreciate a “save the trees” message as much as the next person, but this was too much. Maebh’s reunion with her sister, was completely unnecessary and left me cold. I guess another major message of the episode was how torn Clara is between her life with the Doctor and her life with Pink. At least, that’s what I guess they were doing, since they spent half the episode making Clara seem very selfish and like an utterly crap teacher. At least they finally brought Pink back, and he knows she was lying to him, so he can demand the truth from her. Well, eventually. Next week. Perhaps.

There were so many plot holes in this episode. Where were the people? London is an enormous city and yet no one is ignoring the government advisory and exploring the new new forest? The deforestation teams start in the middle of the city? What? Did they hike through the forests just so they could start in central London? And how can people just forget the forest ever happened when Nelson’s Column fell down? Wild animals are running around the city.! A problem I’ve had with the Moffat run, or at least recently, is that it’s never made clear that the people of Earth have experience with aliens. The battle of Canary Wharf was significant for RTD’s run, and therefore proves aliens exist. If the people of Earth can accept as a fact the existence of aliens, how can they simply forget that trees sprung up overnight? All I can say is I hope with two episodes left, Doctor Who gets better.