Doctor Who Review: Kill the Moon

Dr Who Kill the Moon

Doctor Who Review: Kill the Moon

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

The one in which we discover Earth’s moon is really a giant egg for a mysterious creature.

Best Moment: The location shots in Lanzarote were pretty cool, but my favourite moment surely has to be when Clara loses it with the Doctor and gives him a good telling off. Talk about a long time coming!

Verdict: Honestly, this episode is a tough one to rate, but overall, I will say there was a lot I didn’t much care for. Hmm, that seems unfair. The episode can be clearly split into three chunks. The first chunk being the Alien-style movie creeps as the Doctor, Clara and Courtney wander around the moon battling space spiders. This wasn’t bad. Not especially different, but not terrible.

Then there was the middle chunk which consisted of the discovery that the moon is really an egg, and the later debate over whether it should be destroyed to save the people on Earth. This was where the episode fell down for me. As far as moral arguments go, it lacked substance compared to the juicy moral conflicts you might see in an episode of Star Trek. On a personal level, to me, trying to save 7+ billion lives makes a whole lot of sense, and I just didn’t believe that both Clara and Courtney could discount that, it felt too much for the sake of plot. While I thought Clara’s attempt to get the world to vote was innovative, it failed for a few reasons. First, only half the planet voted. For another, it reminded me way too much of every BBC reality TV series in which you text in your vote. I really couldn’t shake that feeling off. But really, let’s face, it mostly fails because Clara goes with her gut and ignores the wishes of the world anyway. And here’s the other reason this part of the plot falls down for me: There’s no consequences. It’s Doctor Who so I’m willing to buy quite a bit of nonsense. If the creature flies away leaving shards of moon crashing into the Earth’s atmosphere which the TARDIS grabs up using a (insert timey-wimey thingamabob here) and then rebuilds the moon, I could have bought that, because at least there would have been some consequences to Clara’s decision. As it is, all’s good because the aliens baby just pops out another moon-egg and flies away.

So really the juicy stuff for me didn’t come until the final chunk of the episode. Although the moral dilemma was pretty crappily done, it does push Clara over the edge and she lets the Doctor have it. This is what I want to see. I wish the episode hadn’t been just about getting to this point, but now that we’re there, I want to know what happens next. This new Doctor is more alien than previous incarnations and his abandoning of Clara like that highlighted a very different type of relationship than we’re used to seeing. I should also add that Jenna-Louise Coleman is really fantastic this year, both in the comedy and these more dramatic scenes. I look forward to next week’s episode, even though this one really wasn’t a winner for me.