Doctor Who Review: The Caretaker

Doctor Who The Caretaker

Doctor Who Review: The Caretaker

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The one where the Doctor goes undercover at Clara’s school to prevent an alien menace from destroying the world.

Best Moment: I enjoyed the scene in which the Doctor assumes the guy Clara is dating is the teacher in the bow-tie, but my favourite moment is when Clara mentioned the Blorgons from Inspector Spacetime. Okay, so I probably misheard her, but I don’t care. In my heart, she said Blorgons!

Verdict: I always enjoy when the Doctor tries to pretend to be a boring human. It wasn’t quite as endearing as, say, The Lodger, but still enjoyable. Clara finally had to tell Danny Pink the truth about her time travelling adventures, and that went down about as well as you might expect. Danny’s concern about Clara in relation to his own experiences in the army makes for an interesting turn. Clara’s desire to keep her real life and her TARDIS life separate was also interesting, and leads to an awful lot of the humour in the episode. Danny’s militaristic flip to rescue Clara aside, I mostly liked the episode. But here’s what I didn’t like: Again, so tired of the tidbits with Missy. Give us something to chew or find a less obvious way to remind us of the plot arc, please Mr. Moffat! Also, I found myself rather uncomfortable with the Doctor’s level of dislike of soldiers. We’ve always known the Doctor didn’t care for the military, but it’s never felt this bad. I know the writers are pushing the “Dark Doctor” stuff this season, but the Doctor has been around long enough to know that there’s a difference between the military officers who send the soldiers in, and the grunts who have to obey orders. Just because it is such a drastic change, I know it’ll be something that’s addressed this season, no doubt with Danny changing the Doctor’s mind, but still, it all just feels… off.