Doctor Who Review: Last Christmas


Doctor Who Review: Last Christmas

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Best Moment: The Doctor on hearing there’s a horror film called Alien: “That’s really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you!”

Verdict: Overall, this was a fun episode. I liked the shoutouts to Alien and The Thing. Who’d have thought you could mix Christmas and Alien together so successfully? Nick Frost was a delight as Santa Claus. Occasionally channelling Attenborough but a much cooler, “with it” Santa. And the elves! Also very funny. I enjoyed the Inception-style dreams within dreams. I even loved the return of Danny Pink, and Clara’s obvious reluctance to leave that particular dream. Can you blame her?

So what didn’t work for me? Ultimately, there was too much wrapping up of threads. I would have much preferred this to be a more or less stand alone adventure- which you could have still done, even with the Danny Pink appearance. True. It did need some wrapping up because…. let’s face it, Death in Heaven really mucked around with the characters. First, I kept expecting to see a pregnant Clara. That, to me, seemed like the only legitimate reason she would have lied to the Doctor about Danny. I’m glad it didn’t go that way, because it is a little cliché, but I really didn’t buy her whole “I lied so you would go back to Gallifrey” line. It made the ending of Death in Heaven seem so pointless. The lies they told each other were poignant and touching. But they needed to have a solid foundation. It needed to be a big deal when they both found out the truth. Instead, they both find out, rather early on. But no worries, because by the end of the episode, Clara runs off with the Doctor again.

Did Clara really learn anything over the past year? Did the Doctor? Once again, it all felt very rushed. Which was a shame.

I say, enough plot arc stuff, and more Santa and the elves. And Shona. How cool would it have been to have Shona be the new companion! It’s not that I haven’t liked Jenna-Louise Coleman. I think she’s been fantastic this past year. But the writers really need to find something better for her to do.

All that said, roll on next season!