The Year in SciFi

The Year in Sci-Fi

Mockingjay Cressida
The end of the year is almost upon us, and as I really haven’t done too much in the way of reviews here, I thought I’d type up some thoughts on the stuff I liked, didn’t like, and everything inbetween.

This past year we discovered Hannibal and Orphan Black, which we are absolutely hooked on. Hannibal is a stunning show both visually and musically. Mads Mikkelsen…. well, I’ve never been a huge fan of Hannibal Lecter but Mikkelsen nails it. I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that role. As for Tatiana Maslany, wow, she plays, how many roles now? I can’t even recall how many clones we’re up to. Not that it matters as she is still phenomenal. The first trailer for season three has come out, and I cannot wait to start watching.

This year was the year of Capaldi. In addition to discovering Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, I also watched The Thick of It, which is a fantastic show. I’m a huge fan of Veep, so I knew I would love it, but wow, Capaldi is brilliant. If anything, I think he’s underused in Doctor Who.

Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about this past season of Who. It’s been an odd one, and I’m still not crazy about what happened with Clara, but we’ll see. Maybe the Christmas special will do something to rectify the situation.

We recently started watching Black Mirror, which I can’t say a lot about just yet, since we’re only two episodes in. I didn’t care much for the first episode, but really enjoyed the second one. It’s one of those tales that stayed with me, which is what a good story should do.

We also recently got into Misfits. I’d seen the pilot before, but never really took to it. I’ve enjoyed it overall (only now on season four) but feel like season three fell apart in a lot of ways. It was a mind-blowingly season, but if you watch a show for story arc, you’ll be sorely disappointed. So far, season four is doing much to make up for the previous season.


As far as movies. Let’s see…. We saw Mockingjay, and overall, I loved it. There were niggly parts that seemed more like filler. However, overall, it was a worthy successor, even if they are milking it for a fourth movie. We also recently saw Interstellar which looked phenomenal, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (I was never crazy about the trailers) but there were a lot of plotholes. Things that didn’t really make sense. I also couldn’t believe how much it reminded me of my short story, Becca. I should add that as a scifi gal, I spotted the “twist” a mile off.

Edge of Tomorrow was overall enjoyable. I like time loops stories. It was a little Hollywood-y (mostly the beginning and the ending), but otherwise a decent popcorn flick. We also watched Snowpiercer which was an oddball movie. The whole premise is preposterous, but so are most dystopic stories anyway. It was still a fun, different film. Speaking of different, I saw a movie called The One I love, which really should get more press in the scifi world, and would too, if the makers weren’t so set on not wanting to spoil the twist- which isn’t really a twist at all but the whole plot of the movie. Basically, it’s about a couple of who go on a weekend getaway to try and patch up their marriage. Things take a very strange turn….

So that’s all stuff I liked. What did I hate? Hmm, well, the only one that really sticks in my mind is Knights of Badassdom. What a painful film. Not to mention a huge disappointment. I’ve been wanting to see this movie ever since I heard Summer Glau mention it at ECCC. Unfortunately, this was a dud. A brilliant but ultimately wasted cast in a film that seemed to make fun of LARPing more than actually embracing the culture. Shame.

What am I looking forward to seeing? I’ll be watching the final instalment of The Hobbit in the next few days. Not sure how I will like it, but still want to see it. As for next year…. gosh despite myself, I’m curious to see the new Star Wars movie and Terminator Genisys. But more about that another time!