ECCC 2010

The Guild

ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con) is in its eighth year, and itís only getting bigger and better. Ballroom 6E, where the "big ticket" stars will be holding panels, has a room capacity of 1500 and itís already one third full, when we arrive a full hour before the first speaker.

The first speaker is non other than Wil Wheaton. Wheaton races through the auditorium up to the stage, clad in a Canadian hockey jersey, which he explains, is due to a bet that he lost with BSG actor, Aaron Douglas, who is also at the con. We later learn that underneath his jersey is a three wolf moon t-shirt, thus ensuring his cred as being a geek, just like the rest of us.

Wheaton spends a lot of his time on stage reading from two of his books, "Just a Geek" and "Memories of the Future." He regaled us with stories of his nine year old self and his obsession with Star Wars toys- thus taking webmonkey Rob back to simpler times. In Memories of the Future, he shared with us stories about the early TNG episode "Justice"- the one where Wesley gets in trouble after accidentally going out of bounds on a bizarre death penalty/pleasure planet. Wheaton was asked a number of questions by fans including whether or not he will be returning to Leverage (no word yet) and just how prepared he would be for the zombie apocalypse/machines taking over the planet. He seems pretty well prepared on both counts. The second speaker of the day is none other Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy reads from his book of poetry and answers questions, talking about his photography work, and other work outside of Star Trek. When asked about the Big Bang Theory, he says that he has not yet been asked to actually appear on the show. However, he will be appearing in the two part season finale of Fringe. When asked what his favourite Star Trek experiences were, he responds that he enjoyed working on Amok Time and working on Star Trek IV.

The third speaker at Ballroom 6E is another big star, Stan Lee, who bounds on stage along with the heads of Boom! Comics. Stan Lee shares a number of stories, including one about the creation of Spider Man, and how Marvel and DC got their names. He is quite the performer, and he makes no secret of the push that heís making for an academy award category for best cameo, which has been floating around the net for several days now. Lee is also asked the all important question of who would win in a fight: a caveman or an astronaut? To which he responds that, like with any of those types of questions, itís whoever the writer wants to win!

The final panel that we attend at ECCC is for The Guild. Felicia Day was all set to appear but had a scheduling conflict. However, we did get Vork, Zaboo and Clara AKA Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen. They provided an entertaining panel which, oddly enough, seemed to keep going back to hookers and weed. However, other things of interest mentioned include a confirmation from Sandeep that there will be a third season of The Legend of Neil. We also got a short tease of the Vork/Zaboo rap seen in the video, "Do you Want to Date my Avatar?" Other panels going on at ECCC that we didnít get to sit in on included a Marvel panel with Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada. There were also panels by Erin Gray and Aaron Douglas. Jo Chen and Tim Sales were just some of the many artists signing on the floor, in addition to numerous local small press outlets.

Convention goers also got the opportunity to interact with members of the 501st Legion, and have photos taken with Darth Vader, storm troopers, rebel pilots and Jedi Knights. Ghostbusters, Daleks, Indiana Jonesí and a myriad of superheroes are also to be found walking around the con. After-hours activities at ECCC include a masquerade contest and a D&D gaming session led by Wil Wheaton.

And as for plans for next year? Well, it seems that ECCC is only getting bigger and they are taking requests.

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